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Introduce yourself to other forum users.
Please use the Portfolio Critique board to ask for a review of your work.
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Talk about any aspect of the industry. Everyone is welcome to contribute.
Contains Sub Forums
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Please make titles descriptive and on-topic. Posts may be subject to removal without notice.
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OMP Community Work Forums
Please Put Your LOCATION in the TITLE of Your Ad.
Please do not post NUDE or TOPLESS images or place FETISH or ADULT ADS in this section. There is a dedicated forum for these specialties further down the page.
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Image Critique - Portfolio Reviews
Everyone is welcome to take part in the discussion, display and critique of ALL sorts of imagery. NOTE: Images may contain nudity.
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A place to ask others to critique your portfolio. Everyone is welcome to post and reply.
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Community Interest and Help Forums
(✔) = All Posts Must be Reviewed for Approval - May Take up to 24 Hours.
Information regarding current known scams, shams and e-mail fraud.
Some posts may be handled privately by staff and not go public.
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Read Only: Current info concerning the OMP Web Site and the Message Boards.
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Adult Industry Professionals
(S+) = Silver Membership or Higher May Make Original Posts - (✔) = All Posts Must be Reviewed for Approval - May Take up to 24 Hours
By entering these forums you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age in the USA and Canada, and/or of legal age in the country in which you view these adult forums.
The Adult section is a closed forum where posts and replies cannot be viewed by anyone without an OMP account.
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